Tuesday, 20 September 2016

MU Origin 1.3 - Aether System explained

As you know MU Origin patch 1.3 was launched. One of the main addition to the game is the new Aether System. But what is the Aether System exactly?

The Aether System is a series of buffs you can acquire by converting aether powder into multiple aether insignia. Every insignia can be normal, green, blue or epic. I think there are 10 types of insignia, one for every attribute. You can see the picture from this post if you want to know which are these ten attributes that can be increased by the aether system.

Doubles or elements you don;t need or use can be used to upgrade current equipped insignia. Please note the aether system give you significant buffs, for example I boosted by CP with almost 3000 in just the first day.


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