Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Most powerful pet in MU Origin 1.3 patch

The pet system in MU Origin 1.3 was just introduced. Which is the most powerful pet in the game now? Well, there are a few and it also depends for what exactly do you need the pet for.

If you need only a damage pet for DS or BC, then Roch is awesome if you hit some additional stats like Extra Dmg +5%, Attack +5% or Critical Chance 5%.

But if you need a PvP pet with tons of defense as well as damage like Roch pet, then you must choose between Tier 5 pets like: Garuda, Freezer, Chaotic Blue or Pegasus. I personally like Garuda most, due to extra 5% damage. 

Be advised, do not buy a Garuda pet from the AH with tons of diamonds if the additional stats are not present or trashy. Those can also make the difference on a goods pet in MU Origin 1.3 patch.


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