Saturday, 10 September 2016

Exchange Promo Codes - MU Origin new

In MU Origin for IOS and Android you can see the section named Exchange Promo Code which can be found under the Daily Charge button. I think many of you asked yourselves the question: where can these promo codes can be found, because most likely many nice rewards can be taken from these MU Origin coupon codes.

Well I did some research and I learned that such coupon code can be found on different web sites that are partners with Webzen. The thing is, I did not found any site for the EU version of the game, most of the site and offers are for the Asian servers. I also checked their Facebook page, but again, no luck so far.

Please feel free to post in the comment section if you find any coupon codes for MU origin EU / NA versions and how you came into their possession. Let us help each other.


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