Tuesday, 26 December 2017

How to buy Raiblocks

Where to buy Raiblocks? First, let me tell you in a few words why Raiblocks has this kind of success (from $0.21 of 1st of December 2017 to $8.31 in 26 December 2017). That is 39x increase.

In a few words, Raiblocks is Bitcoin on steroids. It is said that this is what Satoshi wanted bitcoin to become. Extremely fast transactions, no fees and a very scalable coin.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Castle Siege tips - Mu Origin 1.3.0

Tomorrow will be the first castle siege in MU Origin 1.3.0. Everyone is very excited, especially the first three guilds on every server. Any guild can bid, but only the first three higher bidders can enter the battle. And from these, only one can emerge victorious. 

Inside the siege, if you capture the flag in the center, your guild members will be buffed. This is very important. To capture the dragon tower, you must hold it for 5 seconds, without the enemy guild around. The guild that has the Dragon Tower at the end, will win the Castle Siege.

Most powerful pet in MU Origin 1.3 patch

The pet system in MU Origin 1.3 was just introduced. Which is the most powerful pet in the game now? Well, there are a few and it also depends for what exactly do you need the pet for.

If you need only a damage pet for DS or BC, then Roch is awesome if you hit some additional stats like Extra Dmg +5%, Attack +5% or Critical Chance 5%.

MU Origin 1.3 - Aether System explained

As you know MU Origin patch 1.3 was launched. One of the main addition to the game is the new Aether System. But what is the Aether System exactly?

The Aether System is a series of buffs you can acquire by converting aether powder into multiple aether insignia. Every insignia can be normal, green, blue or epic. I think there are 10 types of insignia, one for every attribute. You can see the picture from this post if you want to know which are these ten attributes that can be increased by the aether system.

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Exchange Promo Codes - MU Origin new

In MU Origin for IOS and Android you can see the section named Exchange Promo Code which can be found under the Daily Charge button. I think many of you asked yourselves the question: where can these promo codes can be found, because most likely many nice rewards can be taken from these MU Origin coupon codes.

How many Diamonds or Condor Flames for Wings Tier 6

One of the hardest things to level up in MU Origin are your wings, especially beyond Tier 5. MU Origin offers a great experience for both IOS and Android users, but can become a very frustrating game sometimes. For example, for T5 Wings I estimated around 15000 Diamonds (750 Condor Flames), for Tier 6 wings I calculated that you need around 2K Condor Flames (that means around 40K Diamonds.

Blessing increases success rate for Evolve - MU Origin

If you play MU Origin on Android or IOS, you might noticed that when you evolve your wings there is a top there saying: blessing increases success rate for Evolve. But what does this mean?

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Hearty Grains location

There is a quest in Stormheim named Havi's Test. You need to find three ingredients in that camp near him. One of the ingredients is the Hearty Grains.

Monday, 29 August 2016

Dalaran portal to Karazhan - Ulthalesh

Where is located the Dalaran portal to Karazhan ? Well you need to go where the map leads you but the chamber with the portals is actually upstairs. First go to that light in the middle of the chamber and that will teleport you upstairs. There, among other Portals, you can also find the portal to Karazhan.

Here is a picture with the location of the portal to Karazhan in Dalaran city . This is part of the quest to receive Ulthalesh, the artefact weapon.

Petitioner's Chamber location - Demons among us

Where is the Petitioner Chamber location in World of Warcraft Legion, Demons Among Us quest. You need to go down the stars from the throne room and make a right turn.