Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Wizard torment 6 fire build RoS

I'm guessing that if you're looking for a good build for your wizard in order to farm torment 6 in Diablo 3, Reaper of Soul, then you have at least the slightest idea about this class.

There are several builds that you can use, of course, this depends on the items you have acquired, your skill and well perhaps paragon also counts, but not as much as the first two. 

Elemental (Fire) build for wizard:
Items that you should be looking for in acquiring, in case you don't have them already: 

Head: Andariel (Fire skills %, Intelligence, Socket, Critical Hit Chance, Atack Speed - those are best rolls)
Chest item: Cindercoat (Preferably with 3 sockets)
Gloves: Magefists (Atack Speed, Critical Hit Chance, Critical Hit Damage, Fire skills %)

Friday, 18 April 2014

Iron Wolves Doctrine drop location

Iron Wolves Doctrine's is used for crafting legendary set Asheara's Vestments.

Drop locations for Iron Wolves Doctrine:
Act II: Caldeum Sewers, Monster to hunt: Ningish
Act II: Dahlgur Oasis, Monster to hunt: Ssthrass

Asheara's Vestments set bonus:
2 set items equipped: + 100 Resistance to all elements
3 set items equipped: + 20% Life
4 set items equipped: Attacks cause your followers to occasionally come to your aid.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Element of Celerity drop location

Element of Celerity is a legendary crafting material used for crafting a pretty awesome belt (waist): Fleeting Strap.

Fleeting Strap details:
- required level 70
- account bound
- obtained only by crafting, recipe: Plan: Fleeting Strap
Armor 440 - 506
Attack Speed 5-7%
+ 5 Magic Random Properties

Crafting Plan: Fleeting Strap details:
Required items and materials:
1 x Archon Sash (white belt/waist)
12 x Arcane Dust
2 x Forgotten Soul
22 x Veiled Crystal 
4 x Death's Breath
1 x Element of Celerity

Born's Key drop location Diablo 3 RoS

Born's Key is a legendary material used for crafting the set Born's Command in Diablo 3, Reaper of Souls.

For Born's Key, the known drop location are:
Act I, Cemetery of the Forsaken, Lucious the Depraved (Rare spawn Brigand)
Act I, Defiled Crypt, Drury Brown (Rare spawn Ghastly Gravedigger)
Act I, Defiled Crypt, Digger O'Dell (Rare spawn Ghastly Gravedigger)
Act I, Defiled Crypt, Dataminer (Rare spawn Ghastly Gravedigger)
Act I, Defiled Crypt, John Gorham Coffin (Rare spawn Ghastly Gravedigger)

Born's Command Set detailed info:

Set Bonus:
2 Set Items Equipped:  +15% Life
3 Set Items Equipped: Reduces cooldown of all skills by 10.0%
                                    Increases Bonus Experience by 20%

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Nephalem Rift Farming Guide RoS

Nephalem Rifts provide an efficient method for farm in Diablo 3, Reaper of Souls .  The drops are pretty good compared to the normal farming way. In order to be able to farm in the Nephalem Rifts, you need to do some Bounties. After successfully completing a bounty, you will receive 1 Rift Keystone Fragment. When you gather 5 Rift Keystone Fragments, you can open a Nephalem Rift in town and start farming.

The higher the difficulty level, the better the drops (that includes finding magic items but also gold). It is preferable that you farm it at least on difficulty Torment, but in case your gear can't handle the Torment difficulties, the others will do just fine. It is required to have level 70 to be able to farm Nephalem Rift and to complete Act V in Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls, otherwise you do not have this option available.

While farming the Nephalem Rift you will have a red bar
displayed on the right side of your screen. As you are killing
mobs located in the rift, the bar will fill up. After you finished killing a certain number of monsters and the red bar is filled up, you will have a Raid-Boss spawning. Raid Boss type will be random, we've met The Butcher, Cydeea, Skeleton King, etc. The drops from the final boss in the Nephalem Rift are a lot better compared to the other elite packs and monsters you find on your way but, of course, it also depends on your luck.

Where is Kadala located - Blood Shards

I believe everyone noticed that Blizzard implemented a new currency in the game, called Blood Shards. If you ask yourselves where you can find them, know that the best way to earn Blood Shards is by completing Rifts. What are these Blood Shards and for what are these used for?

If you played Diablo 2 way back, you could purchase unidentified items and then you needed to keep your fingers crossed. Well, in Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls we have this feature also (kind of), but instead of gold, we use Blood Shards. first, you need to know where is Kadala located.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Zakarum Cathedral, Kasadya location

In the beginning of the Act 5, in Diablo 3 the Reaper of Souls there is a quest called "The fall of Westmarch" located in the Zakarum Cathedral.
The main and the most important objective is to kill Kasadya, which is a pretty powerful mob which is spawning at the end after you have cleared the cathedral. The quest is finished after successfully slaying Kasadya, Conjurer of Death.

How to kill Kasadya:

  • Don't stay very close to her
  • Always kite
  • Avoid damage over time areas she places on the floor (dessicator, poison, etc)
  • Try to exclude playing solo-mode because in multiplayer it's a lot easier and much more fun. 
I will post some screenshots as well in case it helps you guys more.It's not much of a big deal but be careful and even with a low gear you can defeat it. We had a 3 persons party on torment III and we killed it without problems with DPS ~ 300,000 / character, which is pretty low.

Siege Runes, Timeless Prison location in RoS

While you are doing the Battlefields of Eternity quest line, you need to find two Siege Runes in order to progress throgth the story. The locations are quite random and you'll need to scout around the map in order to find these objectives. They are protected by a large shield witch is easy to spot. What you need to do in order to collect these Siege Runes is: 

On the first objective destroy the mobs inside the energy shield. This one is easier to find, bellow you can see a print with the second objective called the Timeless Prison. From this Timeless Prison you need to free the Demon Prisoner.

If you scout the map you'll see a yellow dot witch indicates where the Timeless Prison location is. Once you spot it, you need to enter and free the demon trapped inside.

Monday, 24 March 2014

How to kill Urzael Guide Reaper of Souls

This a Guide on how to kill Urzael, the boss in Reaper of Souls. It's not so easy to kill it, especially in single player, so I suggest to bring some friends or just join a party.

There are several things you should do in order to defeat Urzael:

  • Never stay too close to him, especially when he's casting a fire ball next to him. 
  • Avoid circles spawning on the ground because after a short delay, there will be flames and the damage they give will be high. 
  • When you see him casting (as in shooting with his rifle or whatever that is), don't stay on the fire bullet's path because that also gives a lot of damage. 
  • Don't stay near him when he's preparing to jump, and don't stay close to the location he is jumping. It will probably one-shot you or leave you with very low hp, depending on gear/resists/toughness. 
  • Life on hit doesn't really help here because it's one opponent so you can't really heal too much, so better go on DPS/Resist rather than vampiric/life on hit. 
  • Try to resurrect fallen team-mates when he's preparing to jump or when he's casting the fireball with his rifle. 

How to kill Adria Reaper of souls

In Diablo 3, after the expansion pack Reaper of Souls, Adria is now a raid-boss and a pretty hard to kill one. It probably seems to be so difficult to kill because most players don't have really awesome gear since we didn't have enough time to farm. Anyway, it's not impossible to kill Adria, it's all about to know how to do it.

We died several times and afterwards, we developed a tactic which seemed to work, so for you to not have to go through what we've been, follow at least some of the steps below and all should be a lot easier for you:

  • Get some CC (Character Control) spells, this means: freeze, stun, etc. 
  • Avoid the small red bubbles she is spawning on the floor.     Notice: You cannot kill them since they are not targetable, but they don't move that quickly so you can dodge them if u are careful. If you step on one it will splash you, damaging you in the same time, then a red circled stain will spawn on the floor and if you sit on it, you will take DOT damage (damage-over-time).