Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Zakarum Cathedral, Kasadya location

In the beginning of the Act 5, in Diablo 3 the Reaper of Souls there is a quest called "The fall of Westmarch" located in the Zakarum Cathedral.
The main and the most important objective is to kill Kasadya, which is a pretty powerful mob which is spawning at the end after you have cleared the cathedral. The quest is finished after successfully slaying Kasadya, Conjurer of Death.

How to kill Kasadya:

  • Don't stay very close to her
  • Always kite
  • Avoid damage over time areas she places on the floor (dessicator, poison, etc)
  • Try to exclude playing solo-mode because in multiplayer it's a lot easier and much more fun. 
I will post some screenshots as well in case it helps you guys more.It's not much of a big deal but be careful and even with a low gear you can defeat it. We had a 3 persons party on torment III and we killed it without problems with DPS ~ 300,000 / character, which is pretty low.


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