Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Siege Runes, Timeless Prison location in RoS

While you are doing the Battlefields of Eternity quest line, you need to find two Siege Runes in order to progress throgth the story. The locations are quite random and you'll need to scout around the map in order to find these objectives. They are protected by a large shield witch is easy to spot. What you need to do in order to collect these Siege Runes is: 

On the first objective destroy the mobs inside the energy shield. This one is easier to find, bellow you can see a print with the second objective called the Timeless Prison. From this Timeless Prison you need to free the Demon Prisoner.

If you scout the map you'll see a yellow dot witch indicates where the Timeless Prison location is. Once you spot it, you need to enter and free the demon trapped inside.


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