Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Where is Kadala located - Blood Shards

I believe everyone noticed that Blizzard implemented a new currency in the game, called Blood Shards. If you ask yourselves where you can find them, know that the best way to earn Blood Shards is by completing Rifts. What are these Blood Shards and for what are these used for?

If you played Diablo 2 way back, you could purchase unidentified items and then you needed to keep your fingers crossed. Well, in Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls we have this feature also (kind of), but instead of gold, we use Blood Shards. first, you need to know where is Kadala located.
This merchant can be found in the Survivors' Enclave.

Kadala's location is easy to find, it's just near the place you open rifts. I believe the this feature is great and I love that Blizzard introduced Blood Shards, because in Diablo 2 I hated when I spent all my gold on this.


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