Monday, 24 March 2014

How to kill Urzael Guide Reaper of Souls

This a Guide on how to kill Urzael, the boss in Reaper of Souls. It's not so easy to kill it, especially in single player, so I suggest to bring some friends or just join a party.

There are several things you should do in order to defeat Urzael:

  • Never stay too close to him, especially when he's casting a fire ball next to him. 
  • Avoid circles spawning on the ground because after a short delay, there will be flames and the damage they give will be high. 
  • When you see him casting (as in shooting with his rifle or whatever that is), don't stay on the fire bullet's path because that also gives a lot of damage. 
  • Don't stay near him when he's preparing to jump, and don't stay close to the location he is jumping. It will probably one-shot you or leave you with very low hp, depending on gear/resists/toughness. 
  • Life on hit doesn't really help here because it's one opponent so you can't really heal too much, so better go on DPS/Resist rather than vampiric/life on hit. 
  • Try to resurrect fallen team-mates when he's preparing to jump or when he's casting the fireball with his rifle. 
  • Avoid the rectangular shapes spawning on the ground. It will drop huge burning parts of wood on the floor that give damage over time, and again, it's pretty serious damage we've talking about unless you have excellent fire resist, which I doubt.

If you got any more tips on how to kill Urzael, feel free to share. Also, the more damage you give him, the harder it gets. It will spawn more and more dots on the ground and soon it will be a very short amount of "safe ground" as in not lightened up by fire.

Also, repair all your items before starting this instance because you will probably die a lot and you don't wanna end up without gear and doing no damage at all. Change your skills if needed in order to have better DPS or more resists.  


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