Monday, 24 March 2014

How to kill Adria Reaper of souls

In Diablo 3, after the expansion pack Reaper of Souls, Adria is now a raid-boss and a pretty hard to kill one. It probably seems to be so difficult to kill because most players don't have really awesome gear since we didn't have enough time to farm. Anyway, it's not impossible to kill Adria, it's all about to know how to do it.

We died several times and afterwards, we developed a tactic which seemed to work, so for you to not have to go through what we've been, follow at least some of the steps below and all should be a lot easier for you:

  • Get some CC (Character Control) spells, this means: freeze, stun, etc. 
  • Avoid the small red bubbles she is spawning on the floor.     Notice: You cannot kill them since they are not targetable, but they don't move that quickly so you can dodge them if u are careful. If you step on one it will splash you, damaging you in the same time, then a red circled stain will spawn on the floor and if you sit on it, you will take DOT damage (damage-over-time). 
  • Avoid Adria's spell that looks like a sort of "magic missle". I have no idea how it's called but it is arcane damage and even if it doesn't hit you, it spawns a vortex on the floor which also gives aoe damage. 
  • In case your team-mates die and you are the only one: Use healing potions and the well for life, and when Adria is heading to the starting point in order to spawn more red dots, stay close to your team and res them while she's spawning. (I did that and it worked!) 
  • Also you will notice a pattern in Adria's spell so even if you fail on the first run, on the second one you should be able to anticipate when she is teleporting near you and move quickly away from her. If you do that, you will basically dodge her hit and take no damage. It get more complicated when there are many red-ish things on the floor but it's not that hard. 
Best of luck in killing Adria and fingers crossed for nice drops!


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