Wednesday, 5 February 2014

How to kill the Year Beast - Dota 2 New Bloom

If you wonder how to kill the Year Beast or better to say, how to do most damage to the Year Beast in the New Bloom Dota 2 event, I will present to you one combination of heroes & items that if all five heroes have gold for full gear, will give you the opportunity to fight the beast until the timer is over.

So here is the combination of heroes needed to do almost maximum damage to the Year Beast:

1. Ursa
2. Skeleton King (for lifesteal, makes Ursa invincible).
3. Luna
4. Vengeful Spirit
5. Warlock (Fatal Bonds links horn, body & tail together).

The first two heroes are mandatory, Ursa is capable off 5k-6k crits easily and with Lifesteal Aura from Skeleton King he is basically invincible. Vengeful Spirit and Luna are for the DPS auras (but they also do great DPS themselves).

Mandatory items: At least one improved Desolator per group, one Rapier + Daedalus per hero and one Assault Cuirass per groups. Get Ursa to 3000k hp just to play it safe.

[UPDATE] this is no longer the best way to fight the Year Beast in Dota 2, they nerfed both Skeleton King & Ursa.

What is the highest damage dealt by your group to the Year Beast in Dota 2?