Sunday, 28 July 2013

Items that can be sold in Dota 2

What items can be sold in Dota 2? As you probably noticed by now, just a few items have the marketable property in Dota 2. I don't know the reason why this restriction exists, but for gamers that are used for example with the Auction House from Diablo 3, can be very frustrating. Maybe this restriction exists to protect the Market and to encourage the community to create new items. If you create a new items that looks good and the players rate it, valve might put it in the game and then you will receive a percentage of it's sales.

But now I want to talk about items that you can actually find while playing the game and can be sold in the market. I noticed that some couriers can be sold, some wards / taunts, all chests (but they have awful prices) and the Immortal Items. I never got an Immortal item while playing the game, I got one from the bonus you receive if you have bought the International Compendium. It was the Lone Druid item and I manage to sold it for 3 euros (because I don't play Lone Druid).

What do you think about selling Dota 2 items at the Community Market? Do you think a wider range of items should receive the marketable attribute, or do you like the Market as it is?


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