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Soulstealer HoN Guide

Remember Nevermore from DotA ? Well, Soulstealer is his twin. I write this HoN tutorial with pleasure, because Soulstealer is one of my favorite heroes. Great ultimate, insane damage, easy gold farm but very fragile hero, that is how I'll describe Soulstealer in a few words.

Soulstealer Hero Guide

soulstealer guide hon tutorial
First, in this Soulstealer guide, lets take a look at the skills. Demon Hand, Soulsteal, Dread and the ultimate Soul Burst (my favorite ultimate in HoN). The explanation and damage of the skills can be found ingame so I won't write them here. Demon Hand is one of the most powerful AOE nukes in HoN, because you can instantly cast it three times (far, medium and close distance), in any sequence you like. The key thing here is positioning, because you can't choose the region where the nuke goes. ON the next image you can see the areas and hotkeys of the nukes.

soulstealer guide
So with Q W E hotkeys you can do serious damage, not to mention how easy you farm creeps. With this skill you can farm both gold and souls to increase atack damage and ultimate damage. Bellow I'll post the skill build for Soulstealer, the most efective one I think:

1. Demon Hand
2. Soulsteal
3. Demon Hand
4. Soulsteal
5. Demon Hand
6. Soulsteal
7. Demon Hand
8. Soulsteal
9. Soulburst
10. Stats
11. Soulburst
12-15. Stats
16. Soulburst
17-20. Dread
21-25. Stats

You start with Demon Hand because it may come handy in a level 1 fights for the runes / wards positioning. Don't put points in ultimate until level 9 (at that time you have level 4 in Soulsteal and 30 souls harvested) because at level 6 with just 2 points in Soulsteal it is useless.

I'll continue this HoN Soulstealer guide by showing you the best item builds.

Starting items for Soulstealer:

soulstealer guide item build starting

2x Mark of the Novice is for mana boost (you need it for Demon Hand spam).

Core Items build:

Item build when you play versus good players. Portal Key > Assassin Shroud:

soulstealer item build

Item build for pub games when you see noobs in the other team who dont use wards / sacks / eye. Assassin Shroud gives you a damage bonus and atack speed bonus but if the other team knows how to play, they will gank you. Portal Key offers a far better escape than Assassin Shroud.

soulstealer builds

The last spot is for one damage based item as Shieldbreaker, but usually the game is ended before that happens.

I'll end this Soulstealer tutorial by telling you some key parts in the gameplay.


Choose middle lane. Soulstealer is designed to play a solo lane because is to fragile to handle ganks and on the same time very good creep farmer (usually with 2 nukes you wipe out an entire group of creeps). Convince your team to buy some wards at level 1 and place them at the rune spots. If you face a heavy nuker as Pyro at mid lane, just farm / deny creeps. Don't be a hero because you can do that from level 9. Your goal is to rush Portal Key until level 9-10 and have 30 souls collected until then. Try do dominate the lane by spamming the opponent, from level 3-4 but don't die. As you go forward collecting souls you will have great damage and your opponent will fear you.

Gank carefully. Always have a stunner / disabler near you, because Soulstealer is very fragile hero at first. You have great damage but very low hp. Because you hold the middle you MUST gank to give advantage to your team. But if you die, your progress will be much slower.

Bottle yes / no ? Well if you master the art of rune hunting go bottle with your fist 600 gold. If you don't than bottle is just a waste of gold for you.

At 5 vs 5 fights let the battle begin. Then tell your team to stun a target. Activate Shrunken Head, blink near him and cast the ultimate. You should to enormous amount of damage at level 16. If you have Tempest, Keeper of the Forest, Chronos etc.. in your team let them cast their ultimates first. Then blink and use your ultimate. Soulstealer + Tempest = a deadly ultimate combo.

I hope you like this Soulstealer guide for HoN and find it usefull when you play this great hero.


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