Friday, 5 February 2010

Arachna Guide - HoN Tutorial

For every dota player that joined HoN, Arachna is a new hero, maybe has something from Trax (ranged, slow, damage aura). I love to play with this hero, and i read guides for him very often. Now I've decided to write my own Arachna guide.

Arachna hero guide

Arachna skills are: Webbed Shot, Harden Carapace, Precision and Spider Sting. Many players ignore the Harden Carapace skill at low level, but this skill is is very usefull when you face a strong dot based debuffer as Vindicator, Slither, Legionaire, etc. because you can remove their debuffs, so 1 skill point in Harden Carapace is a must in this case. Another common mistake at playing Arachna is to put points in Precision at low levels. Stats is so much better choice than precision at first because you gain hit points, damage, atack speed and mana. Precision skill does the diference after level 8, when you will gain bonus even from you stat points damage.

Arachna Skill Build

1. Webbed Shot
2. Stats / Harden Carapace
3. Webbed Shot
4. Stats
5. Webbed Shot
6. Spider Sting
7. Webbed Shot
8. Precision
9. Precision
10. Precision
11. Spider Sting
12. Precision
13. Harden Carapace
14. Harden Carapace
15. Harden Carapace
16. Spider Sting
17. Harden Carapace / Stats
18-25 Stats

What I want to add in this Arachna hero guide is that this hero is very weak at first, very low hp gain and has low damage. In the beginning of the game your main concern is to survive and to farm as much gold as possible. The following item build is designed for that.

Arachna Item Buid

arachna hero guide

Here are the starting items for Arachna. If you play against strong debuffers and use Harden Carapace often, buy two clarity potions. If you dont use Harden Carapace then buy two healing potions.

arachna item build

You really need to rush Alchemist's Bones because you need the atack speed later and because this is the best farming item in HoN. Quicker you get this item, better your progress will be. So you need to "last hit" creeps alot at low level.

arachna items

After you have Alchemist's Bones, you buy marchers then you complete your two bracers. After that upgrade to Ghostly Marchers.

or arachna build

Next step depends of your play style. If you want more hit points and magic immunity make Shuriken Head. If you want stealth and atack speed make Assasssin's Shroud. I personally prefer Assassin's Shroud because I like to gank, and Arachna in 1vs1 mid/late game is one of the most powerfull heroes in this game. The last item should be Shieldbraker.

The next section of this Arachna HoN tutorial is refering to strategy.

STRATEGY with Arachna

Choose up or down lane, never go middle. Try to get a nice combo hero as Devourer or Swiftblade. Your goal is to kill as many creeps as you can , faster as you can but in the same time put preasure on your enemy. Use Webbed Shot to harass your enemy and deny their creeps. Every player hates when their creeps gets denied. As I said before if you face debuffers, use Harden Carapace.

You can try to gank other lanes at level 6 if you team needs it, but don't waste time. Stick to the rush to Alchemist's Bones. Arachna is a great gank hero because of the Webbed Shot skill. At mid game if you have Assassin's Shroud you can gank solo 1vs1 very easy. Go stealth, activate Webbed Shot, atack target then cast your ultimate on him. Spider Sting has physical damage witch is amplified by -armor debuff, so use Webbed Shot any time you cast the ultimate.

Happy hunting and I hope this HoN Arachna hero guide helps you to get some frags.


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