Friday, 5 February 2010

Magmus Hero Guide / Tutorial

One of my favorite heroes in DotA was Sand King. His corespondent in Heroes of Newerth is Magmus. The play style of Magmus in HoN should be something similar to Sand King in DotA. This Magmus Tutorial sould guide you when you play this hero and get you some good frags.

Magmus Hero Guide

magmus hon hero guide
Magmus is one of those heroes that have very strong AOE ultimates which makes him a very powerful choice. He has two escape skills (three if you count Portal Key) and in the same time can bring down an entire team in 5vs5 fights. Magmus skills are: Lava Surge, Steam Bath, Volcanic Touch and Eruption. I assume you know what those skills do and I'll not describe them here (read their description in game in practice mode).

SKILL BUILD for Magmus

1. Lava Surge
2. Stats
3. Lava Surge
4. Steam Bath (for escape)
5. Lava Surge
6. Eruption
7. Lava Surge
8-10 Volcanic Touch
11. Eruption
12. Volcanic Touch
13-15. Stats
16. Eruption
17-22. Stats
23-25. Steam Bath

Why I like this build ? Many reasons. I prefer stats over Steam Bath because when I have Eruption ready I hunt heroes, and when the ultimate is on cooldows I do two things: farm creeps with Volcanic Touch or gank heroes with my team. I use Steam Bath only for escape. Many players are against Volcanic Touch, but I see in this skill huge farm potential. I will write about fighting strategies at the end of this Magmus Guide.

ITEM BUILD for Magmus

Starting items should look like this:

magmus guide

After you buy Marchers and 1st bracer, rush the Portal Key as fast as possible. At level 6 if you spot heroes without stun / disable abilities take them down with Lava Surge + Eruption.

magmus tutorial items

The first expensive item you sould make is Staff of the Master (4400g) and in late game go for Behemoth Heart (5500g) if you play a long game. The main disadvantage of Magmus is that in late game becomes weaker than other heroes. Magmus is most powerful between levels 6-18 when he should shine with triple and quad kills.

magmus item build


I'll finish this Magmus tutorial with a little strategy. Untill level 6 try to last hit / deny as much as possible. If you have a good combo ally hero try to help him with Lava Surge skill. At level 6 try to get some double kill with your ultimate. Go only after heroes that don't have stun or disable skills or tell a teammate to stun their stunner. Just Lava Surge between them and cast Eruption. When you get Portal Key the game gets much easier. Cast Eruption in Fog of War, when active blink between enemy heroes then stun them.

With Magmus, a good alternative to Portal Key is Shrunken Head (3900g). The strategy is: activate Shuriken + Lava Surge between heroes + channel Eruption. They won't be able to disable you because you have magic immunity from Shuriken Head. This alternative gives you more hit points and damage, costs almost twice as Portal Key, so you will have it much later.

I hope you'll find this Magmus Hero Guide useful and will help you improove your play style. Enjoy Heroes of Newerth !


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