Friday, 23 October 2009

Impressing Letum - Aion Quest

Impressing Letum - Aion Quest can be done by Asmodians only. If you don't know how to finish this quest, please follow the steps i've posted below:

  • Take the quest from NPC Mirmak (you can find him in Alsig Village, he's a soldier located near the "gate")
  • You'll have to kill 12 Scoop Tail Tipoloids.
I know that it writes 7 instead of 12 but this quest it's bugged. You can finish it if you kill 12 mobs.
  • Well, after killing those mobs, you can be sure that the Impressing Letum Quest is almost done, al you have to do is to go back to Mirmak and take your reward!
Reward for Quest : Impressing Letum consists of :

361.900 XP
3.800 Kinah
4 Greater Anti-Shock Scroll


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