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HoN Glacius Hero Guide

In this HoN guide I will try to explain briefly how to play Glacius in order to get decent kills and support to your team. Glacius is Cristal Maiden from DotA with very few adjustments. This is a short guide to form a quick idea of how to play Glacius in HoN (one of many builds of course).

Glacius Hero Guide

hon glacius guide

I will not describe here the hero skills, because you can read that in the game. I'll begin this Glacius Guide by presenting the skill buid by level. Note that this tutorial teach you to play this hero one way, but Glacius can be playes other ways as well.


1: Ice Imprisonment
2: Chilling Presence
3: Tundra Blast
4: Ice Imprisonment
5: Ice Imprisonment
6: Glacial Downpour
7: Ice Imprisonment
Chilling Presence
11: Glacial Downpour
12-14: Tundra Blast
15: Attribute Bonus
16: Glacial Downpour
17-25: Attribute Bonus

This build is based on Ice Imprisonment and Glacial Downpour for mana regen. One point in Tundra Blast at level 3 is just for the slow and for the scenario if the enemy escapes with very low hp. Ice Imprisonment > Tundra Blast because of the combos you might do at level 1 for bloodlust and because of the extra atacks you do when your enemy is frozen.

Item Buid for Glacius

Starting items should be:

glacius hon starting items or glacius items

Explanation: 1st choice if you want to harass your oponent with
Ice Imprisonment and Atack. 2nd choice is if you want to have more hp / mana and some mana potions.

This are the item build Glacius needs. Portal Key is optional, and if you don't have money make Stormspirit instead of Kuldura. The order of the items is: Bracers, Marcers upgrade, Shuriken, Portal Key, Disable Item.

glacius item build

Don't make Staff of the Master instead of Shrunken Head unless you have Jereziah supporting you to be invulnerable to magic when you cast the Ultimate.

The role of Glacius is to maximize the efect of his ultimate in lage fights. He is NOT a single hero nuker (ultimates) as Pyromancer or Witchslayer. So if Glacius fail to cast his ultimate, he is kinda useless.

I'll continue this HoN Glacius Guide by presenting some key aspects of the game by as you play with Glacius.

STRATEGY for Glacius

Dont go middle lane. Choose up or down lane with one good combo hero. Use your Ice Imprisonment on the enemy heroes as often as you can, and make combo with your ally. Your mana should be good because of the regeneration aura from Chilling Presence.

Observe the minimap status, comunicate with your team and go gank as often as you can. Your Ice Imprisonment skill is meant for that. At level 6 if you spot a lane with 2 players that lacks of stunners / disablers go and make a double kill with your ultimate.

I'll close this tutorial for Glacius by telling you the fighting Strategy mid / late game. Let the strenght heroes begin the fight. Then use Shrunken Head + Ghost Marchers (or Portal Key if you have one) and go in the middle of the enemy heroes. Freeze the enemy hero nuker and cast your ultimate.

I hope you find this Glacius Guide usefull and play Heroes of Newerth game with pleasure.


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