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Voodoo Jester Hero Guide - HoN

If you played Witch Doctor in DotA, you should be familiar with Voodoo Jester in Heroes of Newerth because they are similar. Voodoo Jester isn't a "two button hero" so if you want to own with this hero, you must have some skill in you. This Voodoo Jester tutorial should give you an idea of how this hero can be played.

Voodoo Jester Hero Guide

voodoo jester hero guide hon
I'll begin this HoN Voodoo jester guide by saying something about Voodoo Jester's skills. Those are: Acid Cocktail, Mojo, Cursed Ground and Spirit Ward (ultimate). As usual, I'll assume that you know what these skills do and I won't present them in detail. The main trick with Voodoo Jester is to play well the Cursed Ground skill. After you cast Cursed Ground on an enemy hero, try to inflict as much damage as possible. The Cursed Ground will amplify that damage over 12 seconds. If you do enough damage on someone and he escapes with low hp, he will die. But more of this fighting strategy later, for now lets take a look to my skill build for Voodoo Jester that I show you in this guide.

Voodoo Jester Skill build

1. Acid Cocktail
2. Cursed Ground
3. Acid Cocktail
4. Cursed Ground
5. Cursed Ground
6. Spirit Ward
7. Cursed Ground
8. Acid Cocktail
9. Acid Cocktail
10. Mojo
11. Spirit Ward
12-14. Mojo
15. Stats
16. Spirit Ward
17-25. Stats

This is a standard damage skill build for Voodoo Jester. Enter the battle with Acid Cocktail then cast Cursed Ground on one or two heroes, then, if they dont have stun / disable channel your Spirit Ward. You should get one or two kills easily. IF they have disblers then you must get Shuriken Head for magic immunity. Lets continue this Voodoo Jester Guide refering to the item build.

Voodoo Jester Item Build

Starting items. Intelect / mana boost + potions.

voodoo jester

If the other team doesn't have stunners or disablers (unlikely) you get get this build. The Staff of the Master is vital item for Voodoo Jester's ultimate because it splits the totem to three heroes. I've got lots of easy triple kills this way.

voodoo jester items

On the other hand, if among the enemies you see lots of disablers, then make Shuriken Head to cast your ultimate relaxed. I explained Shuriken, Staff but not Frostfield Plate. Well this item rocks on Voodoo Jester because has AOE slow which will keep enemy heroes longer in range of your Spirit Ward. Of course that if you have a teammate playing Keeper of the Forest, Tempest, Chronos or other AOE disable ultimate, you can make nice ultimate combo and you don't need Frostfield Plate anymore.

voodoo jester tutorial build


In the end of this HoN hero guide, I want to say a few words about strategy. Choose a combo lane (up or down), middle lane is harder with Voodoo Jester in my opinion. Put preasure on your enemy but don't forget to last hit as many creeps as you can. At level 6 choose a non disable hero and go after him. Stun + Cursed Ground + Spirit Ward should do the trick. Farming with Voodoo Jester is very easy. Last hit the first two creeps from a wave, then cast Acid Cocktail. Usually you get 4 creeps / wave from level 9. Of course never gank without boots, because you won't be able to put the Spirit Ward in the right position to maximize the damage.

I'll end this Voodoo Jester tutorial saying that a Luxury item on Voodoo is Portal Key, but usually is optional because with your stun you can get easy near enemy heroes. With portal Key + Shuriken + Staff on the Master you can do the followind deadly combo: Immunity + Blink between three heroes + Cursed ground + Spirit Ward. Usually you get a double or triple kill.

End of Voodoe Jester Guide.


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