Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Aion Spiritmaster Class Guide

I've done this Aion Spiritmaster Class Guide for all undecided players, which probably don't know what is the role of a spiritmaster in the whole Aion Game. Well, the spiritmaster is one of the most complicated class in Aion because you don't have to control only your character, but your pt also.

The spiritmaster is based on the 4th elements of life: water, fire, earth and wind, exactly like the sorcerer, but there are some huge differences between this two classes. The spiritmaster's attacks mostly include Dots (Damage over time) but also some nukes. Although the spiritmaster's nukes aren't that powerful as the sorcerer's, the effect can be seen anyway. A spiritmaster is a summoner, this meaning that the spiritmaster actually has a kind of pet with him during the battle. A spiritmaster can summon only one of the 4th spirits at a time, depending on the combat type. Some spirits are based more on DPS (Damage per second) attacks, others are based much more on tanking. The player has to choose the right one between the 4th creatures. The spiritmaster is a really mana addicted, just like the sorcerer. This two classes consume a lot mp and money too, but the leveling is much more easier like this.

At PvP, the spiritmaster is quite a good class. A skilled player which knows how to use the skills of the spiritmaster can beat up most of the classes in aion. A stealth assassin can easily kill a spiritmaster, because of the low defence that this class has. The spiritmasters wear Cloth this fact making it one of the most offensive class in Aion, but with the help of a good pet, this character can survive. In PvE, a spiritmaster has no problem in killing mobs. The right pet does the whole job, the spiritmaster's hp decreasing hardly. First, the mob gets to the summoned pet, and after he kills the pet he has a low chance to kill the spiritmaster too, but this thing happens rarely, because the spiritmaster has lots of skills for his pet, especially the ones that increases the pet's hp and defence.

The right professions for a spiritmaster are the same, exactly like the sorcerer's ones: cooking and alchemy! Cooking is very useful in making food, which serves as a buffing mode. Alchemy can be used to make mp potions. In this way, a good player can earn some money. Anyway, even if this professions are helpful, the gathering skill must be really high, so you must collect some before having any benefits.

I hope u'll find everything you need in this Aion Spiritmaster Class Guide!


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