Saturday, 20 February 2010

Starcraft2 Beta Keys - priceless !

starcraft2 betaStarcraft 2 beta testing has begun this week, we all know that. Very few players that applied for beta testing actually got a beta key from Blizzard. I've undertand that Starcraft2 beta keys will be given in waves. I'm aware that chances of getting a Starcraft 2 beta key are very slim but still I hope a miracle will happen and me or one of my friends will be selected by Blizzard to play Starcraft 2 Beta.
I just dont have the patience until it comes out, I hope that Blizzard will grant us an Open Beta in the future, to have the chance to play this game before release date. Until that all I can do is to pray I'll get a Starcraft2 beta key for my beta opt-in !


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