Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Speaking Balaur - Aion Quest

Speaking Balaur - Aion Quest (Campaign) can be done only by asmodians level 27+ . If you want to finish this quest in a safe and perhaps quicker mode, follow the instructions i've posted above:

  • Talk with NPC Hisui
  • Now go and talk to NPC Sinjah
  • Then you'll have to weaken a mob named Ashikar Assaulter (found in Reshanta) and lure it out. You have to damage the mob (75%) then bring it alive near the tower because the guards will kill it.
  • Now you'll have to talk to NPC Grunn
  • After this talk with NPC Kaoranerk (Located in Primum Landing - Abyss)
  • Speak with NPC Phosphor
  • (Almost done) - You have to bring the Language Crystal to NPC Kaoranerk.
  • Now speak with Hisui and take your reward.

The reward for this Aion Quest - Speaking Balaur consists of:

- 180,100 EXP
- 800 Abyss Points
- Title: Fluent in Balaur

For more informations, i've posted some pics so it might be easier for you to finish this quest if you already know what you have to do.

Location of NPC Kaoranerk - Primum Landing - Abyss


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