Sunday, 27 September 2009

Aion Chanter Class Guide

Firstly, in this Aion Chanter class guide, i will try to explain what is the role of the chanter and why is this character important. A chanter is in the same time a buffer and a cleric. Those chars help the others by training the mind and body. A chanter is important in a group because it has healing skills but also attack skills and buffs.

aion chanter class guide
Although the chanter has healing skills, those are not as powerful as the cleric's healing skills, so when the party members receive high damage, a chanter isn't enough. He can heal but not as well as a cleric..

A chanter is a powerful character because it can fight in party but also solo. A chanter has a high benefit from his skills: he can buff and heal himself and others too, that's why a chanter is wanted in every party! The Chanter has moderate sustained DPS if we has staves as their primary weapon, but he lacks at crowd control skills.
The chanter can be a buffer/healer towards a party but also a secondary tanker when it has the shield equipped. He can heal himself but also the others nearby and because the chanter wears chain armor the defense rate is increased and the character's resistance is much higher.

I will continue Aion Chanter Class Guide saying that while playing this chanter class, you must be careful with mana consumption because the amount of MP is not that high as cleric's one or mage's. Also, chanter's attack skills are melee, this fact meaning that this character doesn't has long shots skills. After achieving a higher level, the importance of melee skills will increase because the attack speed will increase too, and the chanter will give damage to monsters much faster in a short amount of time. The leveling rate for the chanter is Aion is moderate, you will level up faster than clerics but slower than sorcerers and spiritmasters.

Though the chanter can serve as a mini-tanker/buffer/healer, this are not the only positive things about this character. This class has Area Skills, also known as Mantras which enable a Chanter to buff himself and in the same time the others around him. This leads to a better synchronization, a faster buffing and also reduces mana consumption. Yo can have up to 3 mantras an one time.

I will now continue this Chanter guide saying something about the PvP. In Aion, the chanter is quite a good class but it has difficulties in defeating a mage of any kind of DPS (Damage Per Second) char because he receives great damage and he has to heal himself to avoid dying but it doesn't have enough time for giving damage to the opponent.

Though the chanter can be defeated by a good mage player, the melee classes will find the chanter a dangerous and hard to beat character. Anyway, a good chanter will use stun skills when fighting player versus player and also will know when to knock down the enemy to gain a little amount of time.

I hope you'll find a use for this Aion Chanter class leveling Guide that i wrote.


  1. "The Chanter has moderate sustained DPS if we has staves as their primary weapon"

    Exactly what the tip I was looking for, just started a Chanter and Im stuck with either going Blunt/Shield or Staff. ^_^ thank you