Sunday, 20 September 2009

Aion Templar Class Guide

In this Aion templar class guide I'll try to explain this defensive warrior class.

First of all you need to understand that the templar is the most defensive class in Aion. He is the main tank of any group. He is designed to hold the lines and to keep enemies away from DPS classes and healers. In most cases if the tanker dies, you have high chance to get e really nice wipe. In Aion, when you play in group, the most important are the templar and the cleric. If you plas as templar class and you have a skilled cleric to heal you, the success of the group is 75% assured.

aion templar guide
I will continue this aion templar guide saying that the main weapons of this class are one handed swords and one wanded maces paired up with a shield. You have lots of defensive skills that requires a shield, so this item is a must if you choose to play as templar. You can use your sield not only for defensive aspects of the game, but also as your secondary weapon. You can hit with your shield to stun enemies for example.

Now I bet you want to know how fast does a templar level up in Aion. Well I'll say this depends of your play style. If you play solo, you will level up more slowly because you don't have very high DPS. At the other hand if you have a skilled group to play with and you tank well, you will level up very fast. So leveling as a templar can be piece of cake if you know how to do it. I'll say that if you choose this class, you must be ready to play in groups mostly, because templar are designed to be pure tanks. If you want to be a more offensive warrior then choose the gladiator. At the professions chapter in this templar guide, I think the best profession for templars in Aion is the Armor Smithing and maybe Alchemy for healing pots if you play solo. Cooking is a must alo of course.

I won't let this templar class guide without PvP. In PvP templars are the only class avoided by many players. Why ? Because they are very hard to kill due to their insane defense. They have also the pull stigma who pulls instantly any opponent near them. The main problem for the templars in PvP is to keep the opponent at melee range. You must avoid classes that slow you down a lot, and especially healer classes because they can outlast you in 1vs1. Clerics can be beaten but a skilled chanter will always bring down any templar in 1on1 combat.

Pros for templar class:

- has highest defense in Aion
- main tank
- wanted in groups
- hard to kill
- avoided in PvP in most cases

Cons for templar class:

- low/moderate DPS
- you have no heals
- only melee range attacks
- group dependent
- gear dependent

I conclude this Aion templar guide saying that the templar is an amazing class in Aion, and worth play it if you know what to be a tank means. Enjoy this great game !


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