Sunday, 20 September 2009

Best level for Lodas's Amulets ?

Every player who preordered Aion has 5 Lodas's Amulets bonus. Each amulet gives you 20% additional EXP from hunting for one hour. Now, the usual question is "What is the best level to use Lodas's Amulets ?". I think the best time to use them are at lvl 43+ because then is when you gain best amout of experience from mobs.For example lets say you use one Lodas's Amulet at level 20 and kill a mob that gives you 5k exp. With the amulet on, you will get 6k exp. Now, if you use it on higher level, you will get a lot more exp bonus, so I think that the answer for "When to use Lodas's Amulets". Just don't forget about them and hit level cap =).


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