Monday, 14 May 2012

Diablo 3 Error 37 and Error 75 - Calm down

If you wonder why you are getting Error 37 or Error 75 when you try to log in into Diablo 3 at launch, know that this issue is caused by the fact that the equivalent of a small nation is trying to connect to their login servers all at once. I know that this is frustrating as hell but before you start to rage about it, please know that even the most formidable servers on this Earth cannot take this kind of workload all at once.

Bashiok just tweeted a few minutes ago: The EU servers were doing well there for a bit! We're trying to keep up under the crushing demand, expect a login error. Stay tuned. I really think that tomorrow, when people will log in in a constant flux at different hours and not all at once, login Error 37 and Error 75 will disappear. I know that all of you want to play Diablo 3 now, but please note that due to the millions of players trying to login all at the same time, this type of errors are very likely to appear even at a Blizzard game.

Error 37 says that the servers are too busy at this time. Please try again later. Error 75 says something about server outage. Both of them show us that there are too many people trying to connect simultaneously. But don't despair, tomorrow you will be able to play smoothly in my opinion.

Update: Today it worked like a charm until around 6 PM. Now we get error 75 again. I think again all europe is trying to connect at the same time.  We can't do anything, but to be patient.


  1. im trying to play "tomorrow", but cant du to error 75:P

  2. I'm sorry but there is such a thing as load balancing and other means to make sure a set of servers can handle the load. The issue here is that blizzard was unprepared for the load they would receive despite knowing full well that the game would be popular and that they already crippled single player mode by requiring it to be online and thereby increased the demand on servers.

    Gamers have every right to be mad about it just as I'm sure Blizzard will be taking a long and hard look towards continued employment of some of those responsible for this fiasco of a launch.