Tuesday, 26 December 2017

How to buy Raiblocks

Where to buy Raiblocks? First, let me tell you in a few words why Raiblocks has this kind of success (from $0.21 of 1st of December 2017 to $8.31 in 26 December 2017). That is 39x increase.

In a few words, Raiblocks is Bitcoin on steroids. It is said that this is what Satoshi wanted bitcoin to become. Extremely fast transactions, no fees and a very scalable coin.

But lets get back on how to buy Raiblocks. It's easy. Go to coinmarketcap.com and see the live markets where to find Raiblock.

Later edit: RaiBlocks or NanoRai are now listed on Kucoin. Kucoin is now the best place to buy Raiblocks. Register now here (due to traffic they might closing registrations an Binance did last week).

Unfortunately the exchanges that currently support Raiblocks are: BitGrail (mostly dows due to volume), Mercatox and BitFlip (very low volume).

From these I recommend: Mercatox. It's a user friendly exchange that allows you to buy RaiBlocks (XRB) with Bitcoin and Dogecoin. I highly recommend to buy it with Dogecoin. Why? Because it costs just a few cents to transfer Dogecoin to Mercatox, from any other exchange. Also it's super fast.

Steps where to buy RaiBlocks:

1. Go to Mercatox and register an account
2. No need for verification, only of you plan to withdraw more than 1 BTC.
3. Transfer Dogecoin from any exchange to Mercatox Dogecoin wallet.
4. Trade Dogecoin for RaiBlocks.
5. Withdraw your RaiBlacks to any Raiblocks wallet you want.

Good Luck and lets hope Raiblocks goes to the Moon!


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