Thursday, 17 April 2014

Element of Celerity drop location

Element of Celerity is a legendary crafting material used for crafting a pretty awesome belt (waist): Fleeting Strap.

Fleeting Strap details:
- required level 70
- account bound
- obtained only by crafting, recipe: Plan: Fleeting Strap
Armor 440 - 506
Attack Speed 5-7%
+ 5 Magic Random Properties

Crafting Plan: Fleeting Strap details:
Required items and materials:
1 x Archon Sash (white belt/waist)
12 x Arcane Dust
2 x Forgotten Soul
22 x Veiled Crystal 
4 x Death's Breath
1 x Element of Celerity

Element of Celerity drop locations that are known, if you are aware of other drop locations than the specified ones, please leave comment for others to see and we will add them.
Act I: location The Lost Mine (Fields of Misery), The Precious Ores Event, Shanabi (Event spawn Scavenger)
Act I: location The Weeping Hollow: Mange (Rare spawn Scavenger) or Forlon Farm Event, Burrow Bile (Event spawn Scavenger),
Act I: location Watch Tower Level 2, Scavenged Scabbard Event, Armorer's Bane (Event spawn Scavenger)
Act I: location Fields of Misery: Dreadclaw the Leaper (Rare spawn Scavenger)


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