Thursday, 17 April 2014

Born's Key drop location Diablo 3 RoS

Born's Key is a legendary material used for crafting the set Born's Command in Diablo 3, Reaper of Souls.

For Born's Key, the known drop location are:
Act I, Cemetery of the Forsaken, Lucious the Depraved (Rare spawn Brigand)
Act I, Defiled Crypt, Drury Brown (Rare spawn Ghastly Gravedigger)
Act I, Defiled Crypt, Digger O'Dell (Rare spawn Ghastly Gravedigger)
Act I, Defiled Crypt, Dataminer (Rare spawn Ghastly Gravedigger)
Act I, Defiled Crypt, John Gorham Coffin (Rare spawn Ghastly Gravedigger)

Born's Command Set detailed info:

Set Bonus:
2 Set Items Equipped:  +15% Life
3 Set Items Equipped: Reduces cooldown of all skills by 10.0%
                                    Increases Bonus Experience by 20%

Set Items that can be crafted:
Born's Frozen Soul - Chest Item with  6 random magic properties
Born's Furious Wrath - 1 Hand Sword with damage range +(981–1199)–(1175–1490) Holy Damage and 5 random magic properties
Born's Privilege - Shoulders, 6 random magic properties

Best way to farm Born's Key:
Torment 1 - 2, farm bounties in Act I in the specified areas (you also get Bonus from completing Bounties). If the Bounty you need is not spawned, then restart the game until you are lucky enough to get it. Also, you can scout the areas in the Cemetary of Forsaken and Defiled Crypt and see if any Unique Mobs are spawned there that might have the chance to drop it. Skipp the other mobs if you can and hunt down just what you need.


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