Saturday, 10 November 2012

Error 31075 - Diablo 3 AH Error

I am extremely upset about Diablo 3 AH Error 31075. Why? Because I just lost 4 items (two good set items and two legendary items) that were on bid only. When such things do happen, Blizzard should stop the timer on all AH items at the moment the AH goes offline, because otherwise it can be very frustrating to sell a 50 million item with a few millions because you put it there on bid only, and we all know that bid only items doubles and sometimes even triples the price in the last 15 minutes.

I don't understand how such things like Error 31075 (There was an error entering the Autction House) can happen to a Blizzard game that has been live for almost six months now. Please Blizzard, fix these errors once and for all because to lose good items in the AH for this kind of error can be game breaking stuff, epsecially if you lose an item that you need to farm two weeks to get it.

What do you think about Error 31075 in Diablo 3?


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