Monday, 14 May 2012

The Cave Under The Well location in Diablo 3

The Cave Under The Well is an optional area in Diablo 3 and it is located in the Old Tristram Road region. On the normal difficulty it's not much, just a nice looking area with some gold waiting for you to collect. I don't know, maybe on Nightmare, Hell or Inferno there will be some rare mobs or something. Anyway, at least when you first see The Cave Under The Well check it out, because the environment is quite nice. Bellow you can see some pictures with The Cave Under The Well.

There are more optional areas like this in the same starting areas. Some good examples are Mass Grave, Dank Cellar etc. There are some rare dungeons too, the most important from the first areas is Den of the Fallen which have two levels.


  1. For the seekers, it is the first part of Old Tristram road before the Old Ruins not after. On Nightmare, I still see no mobs, but I think the mounds of gold are higher in amount.