Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Amun Ra Hero Guide - HoN Tutorial

In this Amun Ra Hero Guide for HoN (named Hero Spotlight by S2Games) you can learn the skills that this new hero will bring to Newerth. Amun Ra skills are: Path of destruction, Ignite, Ashed to Ashes and the ultimate Pyroclasmic Rebirth. The skills are presented in detail in this video tutorial for Amun Ra. If you want to know some good Amun Ra item builds or skill builds, read the video description, because they posted them there. I think that with the right skill builds and early game / mid game good item build, Amun Ra can be one of the best Heroes in HoN.

Amun Ra Hero Guide (HoN Hero Spotlight by S2Games):

Do you like the new Amun Ra Hero ?


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