Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Whispers of Doom Hatcheries Guide

Starcraft 2 Whispers of Doom Hatcheries Guide

Ok, I posted here screens with all three hatcheries from Starcraft 2 Campaign, Whispers of Doom mission. If you don't recognize the location look on the minimap in the pictures. The first two hatcheries are very easy to find, the problem is with the third. If you want to see the video with the 3rd hatchery, take a look at my previous post.

This achievement is very important if you want to have Zeratul's Portrait enabled on your account. For that you must to do all the prophecy missions achievements. Good Luck with that. Here are the screens with the Whispers of Doom hatcheries.

Here is a small video with the 3rd Whispers of Doom Hatchery.

First Hatchery:

third 3rd Whispers of Doom Hatchery

Second Hatchery:

second Whispers of Doom Hatchery

Third Hatchery:

first Whispers of Doom Hatcheries

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