Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Aion level 50 guide - fastest leveling

aion guide to level 50Many wonders how much time you need to reach level 50 in Aion. Here are some ideas to get fast to level 50. Read the following Aion guide to level 50, to boost up your level. In my opinion, like WoW, this game only begins when you reach maximun level (in this case level 50). Then you can really PvP with the other side, do big dungeons and raid bosses with your friends and any other cool stuff that make Aion be so amazing.

Here is Aion level 50 guide, fastest leveling in my opinion.

- If you have a group of friends on teamspeak, vent or skype, make quests in group, especially group quests, which means good experience, very good drops, nice rewards and a lot of fun.
- Complete all campaign quests. Insane experience and the rewards rocks.
- Don't craft anything until you've reached level 49. Then take some time to grow your professions, and you will do almost level 50 from crafting xp.
- ONLY do yellow and white quests. Dont start orange and red quests until they become yellow. If a regular quest is too hard for you, check the reward, if not worth it, abandon the quest and move at another.
- If you are getting PvP camped in the area you are trying to do quests, change channel, grind in some other area or get some powerfull friends to clean up the foes.
- If you are a caster class, gather only when you need time to fill mana up. If you have kinah, spend a lot for mana pots.
- Dont spend time to hunt items at low levels. Remeber that this game really starts when you are max level.

I hope you like this guide to level 50 for Aion, the best mmorpg in my opinion !


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