Sunday, 1 August 2010

StarCraft 2: TheLittleOne vs Hasu - The Best Pro Match Replay - TvP

StarCraft 2: TheLittleOne vs Hasu - Pro 1vs1 TvP Match Replay commented by Husky

One of the most epic, if not the best TvP pro StarCraft 2 match I've seen so far. I found this while I was watching some commented pro matches on HuskyStarcraft's YouTube channel. The match is starring Luquid.TheLittleOne versus mouz.Hasu, two pro StarCraft 2 players. This is a very long StarCraft 2 game that has everything in it. You will see some Battlecruiser / Carrier / Mothership action at pro level in StarCraft 2. We all know that at this level we rarely see this kind of units. Anyway watch this entire StarCraft 2 pro match TvP (Terran vs Protoss) between LiquidTLO and mouzHasu with some epic commentary from Husky. This is the best commented StarCraft 2 replay at pro level IMO.

StarCraft 2 PRO Match: TheLittleOne vs Hasu [TvP] part 1:

StarCraft 2 PRO Match: LiquidTLO vs mouzHasu part 2:

SC2 Commented pro Match: LiquidTLO vs mouzHasu part 3:


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