Friday, 30 July 2010

StarCraft 2 Demo Guest Key - 7 Hours Playtime / 14 days from activation - Friend Invite

StarCraft 2 Demo Key - 7 Hours Playtime / 14 days from activation

Everyone who bought StarCraft 2 Wings of Libery Retail, recieved with the DVD, two Starcraft 2 Guest Pass Keys to give to their friends to try this great game. This Starcraft 2 Demo Keys are valid only for 7 hours of playtime or 14 days from the activation (if you don't spend the 7 hours of playtime, which I doubt it).

All you have to do if you have a Starcraft II guest Key is to go to, create a account or log in if you have one already, activate the Guest Pass Key and download Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty Client.

So if you haven't tried StarCraft 2 yet, ask your friends who already have it to give you a Guest Pass Key to try it out. This stands for demo version I think.


  1. Any body have a guest key? )

  2. by chance, any one knows if it's possible to use more than one trial key on the same account?

    eg: my first trial key expires, can I activate another trial key to go on another period of trial?!?