Thursday, 3 June 2010

Starcraft 2 Main Theme - Starcraft 2 Epic Music (song)

Starcraft 2 Main Theme - Starcraft 2 Epic Music. This song is one of the best from Blizzard games.

Awesome! Masterpiece! I watched some YouTube videos and I came across this one, with Starcraft 2 main theme song. As usual, Blizzard makes a great job with the details. The Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty Theme is so amazing, and give you a great feeling, almost nostaligc (if you played Starcraft 1 in the past). Parts of this song can be found on the SC2 Artwork Trailer, in the main menu music of the beta, etc. I love all Blizzard epic music, and I look forward to listen to all Starcraft 2 music when the game will launch. I've preordered the game already, so I can't wait untill July 27th...

Starcraft 2 Main Theme, awesome song:


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