Monday, 24 March 2014

Angelic Shard drop location

Angelic Shard is a crafting material (legendary) used in order to craft multiple pieces of the set: Hallowed Protectors. It appears to be dropping from Fallen Angels, location act 4, more specific:
Act IV: The Great Span, Izual (Quest spawn Corrupted Angel), Bounty: Kill IzualAct IV,
The Silver Spire Level 1: Pyres the Damned (Rare spawn Corrupted Angel),
Act V: Battlefields of Eternity, Erelus (Event spawn Corrupted Angel)
Act V: Realm of the Banished (Realmwalker Portal in Battlefields of Eternity), Haziael (Rare spawn Corrupted Angel)
Act V: Pandemonium Fortress Level 2, Celik (Rare spawn)

 Angelic Shard description: " Borne by natives of the High Heavens... even those who have fallen from grace. "

No matter what piece of the set you are crafting, they all have +5 magic random properties. In order to get nice stats on the item you are crafting make sure you are on the right class. For example, in case you want to craft the Hallowed Baton, which is a wand and it is used by wizards, craft it on your wizard character because you have higher chances of getting the best stats for your class. It might activate the Smart Drop system, but as I said is a chance, so it's not 100% sure. All the recipes you learned are shared with all characters created on your account, so if you taught your blacksmith one plan, you will find it on another character, if it is on the SAME account.  Anyways, best of luck!

What Hallowed Protectors set contains:
Hallowed Barricade (Shield - Off Hand)
Hallowed Baton (Wand - Wizard 1 Hand)
Hallowed Breach (Axe - Multiple Classes 1 Hand)
Hallowed Condemnation (Crossbow - Demon Hunter 1 Hand)
Hallowed Hold (Fist - Monk 1 Hand)
Hallowed Nemesis (Mighty Weapon - Barbarian 1 Hand)
Hallowed Sufferance (Ceremonial Knife - Witch Doctor 1 Hand)


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