Monday, 24 September 2012

Shado-Pan Monastery entrance - Mists of Pandaria

Where is Shado-Pan Monastery entrance location in Mists of Pandaria. Well if you search for the entrance in the instance you'll find it in the mountains of northwest Kun-Lai Summit, northwest of Mount Neverest and up the mountain path from Winter's Blossom. You can reach Shado-Pan Monastery entrance also via an unnamed path leading northwest from the Neverest Basecamp.

This is one of my favorites instances in Mists of Pandaria because I really love the design Blizzard made fot it. This instance has fours bosses, the final one being Taran Zhu.
Bellow you can see a clip with a full run of this dungeon made back in the beta days. I hope this helps you.

How do you feel about Shado-Pan Monastery instance?


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