Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The Trial of Frost Quest - Azshara WoW Cata Quest Guide

The Trial of Frost Quest - Azshara WoW Cata Quest Guide

I think that The Trial of Frost in the hardest of the three trial quest, not to complete it but to take the Glutton for Icy Punishment Achievement. The trick is to do this quest while you are mounted to have improve speed because that way you can avoid that annoying rotating waves of ice.

A level 20 mount will help you a lot, and a level 40 one will make this The Trial of Frost quest looks extremely easy. If you have trouble doing this quest take a moment and observe how the rotation of the waves works. After you have the pattern in your mind, all will be very easy (if you are mounted).

Good luck in completing The Trial of Ice Quest in Azshara. You need this for that race changing hat later.


  1. The trial of frost I found undoable. I fell off several times trying to hide in safe spots on the side. You have to swim back to the pinnacle when you fall off a trial and jump up the pads again. Swim to the little circle in the water again first of course,.Use the "bug" there when you jump up the pinnacle for the first time, them..click the very first padestoole 6 times (!). The others you then only had to click while running past them.

    But the trial of frost...someone said "if you're a Shaman, use your ghost wolf...I tried... but "they" musty have nerfed him because "click click click...etc all the time and all clicks are goine...

    In the end I used my mount (get it at lvl 20). You are fast and take less hits from the frost !

    Another way to avoid getting hit by ice I read somewhere, is to gather 20 Essence of Ice. I don't know where or how and for who.. but it might help.

    Have fun !!!!

    Bearbelly, Pandarian Shaman, lvl 23, The Horde, 16-febr-2014