Friday, 22 October 2010

Blizzard DOTA - Starcraft 2 custom map

Blizzard DOTA - Starcraft 2 custom map

Blizzard announced today that they are working at a DOTA custom map for Starcraft 2, a Blizzard DotA mod that will contain the most powerful heroes from Blizzard Entertaiment. This should be very enteresting, because we all love the Heroes from Blizzard games (we can see Muradin andSylvanas already in the pics that came out in the press release).

Here are some pictures with the Blizzard DotA mod for Starcraft 2:

dota blizzardblizzard dota starcraft 2

dota mod fro starcraft 2blizzard dota sc2

What do you think about this ? I personally think that DotA for Starcraft 2 will be awesome, especially if it is made by Blizzard.


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