Friday, 3 September 2010

StarCraft 2 Protoss vs Protoss Tutorial - SC2 PvP Guide

 starcraft 2 protoss vs protossStarCraft 2 Protoss vs Protoss Tutorial - SC2 PvP Guide

I think one good build for Protoss vs Protoss starts with the standard 9 Pylon, 12 Gateway, 2nd Gate on 14, Pylon on 15, Zealot on 16, 18 Pylon. Save all your chronoboost for pumping out 4 additional zealots really fast and make a push. This works on small 2 player maps like Steps of War. Of course you must scout to see what your opponent is doing. But with the next patch coming out that will delay the Zealot with 5 seconds, you might consider going Cybernetics + Gas and do a standard 2 Gate + Robo opening, and use your Chronoboost for Probes.

I'll continue this PvP tutorial by saying that in Protoss vs Protoss games you always want to make a robo just for the observers because the Dark Templars can burrow you if you don't have any observers. Always expect your opponent to do a 4 Gate push in PvP games, but you can counter this very easy with your own 4 Gate and better micro, or you can go for Colossus and hold that ramp with sentries until you have 2 of them. You must scout your opponent as often as you can to see what build he has. If he is going mass Zealots (legs) + Stalker support you can go Colossus + Zealots suport and a few stalkers. If he is going Colossus himself, just make 4-5 immortals and they will fall instantly. If he is stupid enough to go voids, just make more Stalkers and you'll be just fine. Anyway, I'll conclude this Protoss vs Protoss tutorial by saying that SCOUT should be your main concern and then adapt appropiately.


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