Thursday, 29 July 2010

StarCraft 2 Zerg Build Order - Zerg Tutorial Guide 1vs1

StarCraft 2 Zerg Build Order - Zerg Tutorial Guide

The following guide is only for begginers!

There are many Zerg build orders in StaCraft 2, depending on what build you are going to make and what race you play agaist (Protoss, Terran or Zerg mirror match). Also, if you play 2vs2, 3vs3 or 4vs4 usually you make different builds that you make when you play 1vs1 because you have allies to rely on.

Bellow I will post a default build order for Zerg in StarCraft 2. Zerg usually requires an early expansion at the natural, because of its unit production mechanics (larvas). Also you may want to creep your entire base with your creep tumors, to get the movement bonus for your units.

Default StarCraft 2 Zerg build order, see it as a tutorial or a guide:

- 8 scout drone
- 13 Pool (except mirror match, where you may want to make an anti rush for 6 pool)
- Some Zerglings based on your scouting Intel
- Gas
- 15 Queen
- More Zerglings
- 20 Expand at natural if you can
- Another Queen

[if you know you to play, you can couter on your creep any rush with your Zerglings + Queens]

- 2nd Gas
- Now you can go Roaches or Lair for Hydras / Mutas, recommend the 2nd option.
- Make an Overseer over each base to help against Templars / Banshees
- Spire / Hydra Den
- Go Hydras / Mutalisks Combo, if you play well you cand top a lot of players in broze / silver leagues.
- For stronger players, you might consider andvaced tactics as Baneligs Drops, Infestors, Curruptors, Ultralisks etc.

This StarCraft 2 Zerg Build Order is meant for beginners as a tutorial and not for advanced players. Hope it helps.


  1. i agree, zerg is really challenging team to control,this helps...

  2. This build order isn't particularly good.. try my one guys.

    13/hatch near base
    13/gas - keep making drones to keep up with pop

    Make drones while the second hatchery is building and a queen as soon as pool is done. Also make a roach warren as this is happening. Make another gas and set another 3 drones on it. Make 4 roaches when you can and send them out for scouting purposes, and if they're going slow/suck try to take out their attacking units. If they have none, attack suply depots and pylons. While this is happening keep making roaches until you make about another 12, then start a lair. If you have the resources you should make a few lings aswell. (Make sure your overlord count rises as you spawn, otherwise unit production will halt). When the lair is done make a hydralisk den and make a few of them to back up your roaches. If they have fallen by this point, or if they are holding up and you think you may have the upper hand make some zerglings and speed tech. I find this works well for me, but be carefull of rushes, especially against another zerg. But if you manage to hold it off, it usually hurts them more than it does you. This is great to push you into mid game,where you should be getting mutas and around lair time you should have or be about to expand. Some key things:

    Offence is always better than defense.
    Make sure you expand enough so that you can hold a big army, and out expand your opponent.
    In mid game, own the skies and you own the game, alywas keep a good air force at the ready, adn even send some corrupters to the back of their base and brood lord their minerals.(If their main is out of minerals find their expo.)

    Hope this helps, try it out. Not for all people, but I find it's easy and effective.

  3. I prefer roaches. Lings only to defend early rushes. Spinecrawler optional.

    10/10 Gas
    9/10 Drone
    (cancel Gas)
    11/10 Overlord
    14/18 Gas
    13/18 Natural Exe (if possible)
    15/18 Overlord
    Some Lings to scout Enemy-Exes
    Roaches :)
    Kill Enemy
    You Win

    Greetings - Uria