Friday, 2 July 2010

Best race in Starcraft 2 - Strongest race ?

Best race in Starcraft 2 ? What race will you play first in SC2 ?

There are two questions every Starcraft player asks these days. Well, if you played Starcraft before, you know that in Starcraft there is no such thing as which is the best race, overpowered race or strongest race. Like BroodWar, Starcraft 2 will be perfectly balanced between races in multiplayer. There is no advantage if you play Protoss, Terran or Zerg. The only advantage you can have is your skill and your abilities to counter your opponent strategies.

The second question is what race you will play in Starcraft 2 ? Well, I saw many polls and the players choice is almost evenly divided. Something like 30% 30% 30% and 10% undecided. I will play Protoss, because I moslty played Protoss in Starcraft 1. Of course I can't wait the Singleplayer campaign where we will all play as Terran.


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