Thursday, 3 September 2009

Fear This - Aion Quest

This Aion Quest - Fear This can be done only by Asmodian characters which are above level 10. Although the required level is 10, it is better to start this quest at level 14. I've posted some steps that are useful if you don't know how to finish this Aion quest - Fear This !

  • Find NPC Nokir and take the quest from him.
  • He will ask you to kill 5 Black Claw Searcher and 5 Black Claw Sentry. After you killed the mobs, you have to return to Nokir and talk with him.
  • You have to find next the NPC Shania and talk with her too. She will ask you to hunt mobs named Spawner Octaside and to collect 3 Octaside Poison Sac from them.
  • Now that you have the 3 Octaside Poison Sac you can return back to Shania and report her about your actions.
(After you finished your conversation with Shania, you will receive.. from her a Poison Potion.)

  • Now, you have to spill the Poison Potion that Shania gave you into the Fresh Water Source. You can return to Nokir to take your reward.
The reward for Fear This (Aion Quest) includes:

51200 XP
& Choose One from this 4 items:

- Nokir's Sword
- Nokir's Mace
- Nokir's Spellbook
- Nokir's Bow

The map:


PINK - Location Where you have to spill the Poison Potion
RED - Hunting Area for 5 Black Claw Searcher and 5 Black Claw Sentry
BLUE - Nokir Location
WHITE - Shania Location
YELLOW - Location where you have to hunt Spawner Octaside


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