Sunday, 20 September 2009

Making a New Start - Aion Quest

Making a New Start quest is the Rings of the Chieftain's Wives from Closed Beta. Read that post for full quest guide. Here I'll post just a brief guide.

Ring of Passion - from Mumu Lu or Mumu Zen. They spawn at 9 a.m. gametime and can be found only during the day. If they are are not there just change channel or wait until 9 a.m. ! Mumu Lu or Mumu Zen location can be found [...] with map location tool in the game.
Ring of Jealousy - from Mumu Ring (during the night) or Mumu Ang (during the day). The spawn time is 9 p.m. respectively 9 am. Their map location can be found in game also.

Ring of Love - from Mumu Zoo or Mumu Di during the night, they spawn at 9 p.m. also !

Making a New Start Aion quest is an easy quest once you understand the spawn time of the wives. Most important thing is that if you change channel if the mobs are not there.


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